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freier edu backlink

August 26, 2007


Protected: pokerseiten und ihre backlinks

August 25, 2007

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authority pr4 backlink durch ein kurzes review

August 25, 2007



gibts ein pr4 backlink für einen kurzen kommentar *lol*

parasiten schwarzbrot

August 25, 2007



August 24, 2007

ere’s a tip for everyone.

I’ve written a book, and I sell it via the print-on-demand publisher Lulu ( You can set up a free account for the purpose of marketing your book, and in the process create a free lulu-based blog.

Well your blog ends up being:, and it inherits authority from Lulu’s domain. My lulu ‘website’ is, and it has a PR of 5, even though I’ve got no real links coming into that site. Through the blog (and the Lulu “store” where you can sell your book through their ecommerce solution) you can have outgoing links.

Again, the account is free, and you’re not even obligated to selling anything. I’ve been thinking of setting up some additional accounts just to see if they gain PR 5 as well over time…

Protected: parasite hosting

August 24, 2007

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Edu parasite

August 24, 2007

Okay, I am always spending hours of research on the latest .edu parasitic SEO phase. Right now google is loving the trust factor for these domains, so why dont we all start posting up our links that we find that enable us to either…

upload files,
allows js
any other sploits

I will go ahead and start off the list, more participation, more I will post my finds as well.

hXXp:// = ( create an account, once logged in…Create a resume folder, then you can upload your files. )

gratis edu backlink

August 24, 2007

wer seine musik playlist bei h2obeta verwaltet, kann dort auch einen edu link abstauben

High Keyword Densitiy Plugin für WordPress

August 24, 2007

Even though link building is leading the SEO business nowadays, on-site optimizations can still make a difference. Keyword inserts in posts, html comments and various other tricks have been discussed many times before on many search engine optimization blogs.

WordPress Plugin for a higher keyword density

freie wordpress blogs

August 23, 2007

The blog you were looking for,” “doesn’t exist but you can create it now!”